With the holidays a few weeks away and the year coming to an end, it’s time to start thinking of the New Year and hopes for the future. Of course, there isn’t a New Year’s Day without celebrations first. Here are a few fun facts and ideas to get your New Year’s celebration started from the team at FootPrints Home Care.

It may come as a surprise, but the first known record of New Year’s celebrations began about 2000 B.C. in Mesopotamia; however, the origin of January 1st marking the New Year, dates to 46 B.C. To celebrate, ancient people would offer sacrifices to the god of beginnings, add laurel branches to their homes as decorations, and exchange gifts. These practices are similar to those many of us participate in during the holidays.

There are a variety of traditions that can be seen across the world for the New Year. One commonality is enjoying food with family and friends. Certain foods are said to bring good luck for the New Year. In Greece, Mexico, the Netherlands, and other countries, round cakes symbolize the circle of life and are a popular dish. In Japan, individuals eat long soba noodles to represent their journey from the old year to the new and to receive a longer, healthier life. In New Mexico, certain foods stand out during the holidays. There’s nothing better than sitting down to some warm tamales and crumbly biscochitos to wrap up the past year and bring in the new. There are many traditions out there to practice when it comes to food. Meals are a great way of connecting, especially for those who cannot participate in other activities, like adults in assisted living.

Other than the food, there are many ways to ring in the New Year. Some examples are making new resolutions, lighting fireworks, keeping doors and windows open, and having an NYE toast. There are wonderful things to do locally, as well. A beautiful place to celebrate is the Santa Fe Plaza, where you can enjoy pinon bonfires and biscochitos. Albuquerque also offers many events to celebrate. Most people love to spend quality time with their loved ones. If you are spending time with elderly loved ones this holiday season, it’s important always to keep them in mind when it comes time to celebrate. The New Year can come with hope but also uncertainty for aging adults. It’s always a good idea to partake in activities that your older loved ones can participate in. Sitting down and reminiscing is always enjoyable and allows them to look back on cherished memories of the past. If you have a family member in an assisted living facility, this is a perfect way to spend the holiday.

Celebrating a New Year is exciting but can also be quite busy. If you are a caregiver looking after an elderly family member and need assistance caring for them during the holidays, FootPrints Home Care in New Mexico is here to lend a helping hand. Our caring team offers short-term respite care as well as long-term in-home care. Reach out to us; we are always here to help.


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