Our Commitment

We believe this company can change EVERYTHING. We believe FootPrints Home Care can: change the way that business is perceived in the community, become the STANDARD by which all home care providers are measured, become a 100-year company with a multi-generational impact, and create one of the best places to work so that those who serve our clients are appreciated for the noble and dignified work they do.

The Board of Directors desire is to strive to replace the dysfunctional nature of the healthcare industry with a healthy, thriving environment for those we employ. We will value the undervalued. We will appreciate the underappreciated. We will serve the underserved.

The noble home care worker, whether a companion, a nurse, or office staff, deserves to work in a best place to work because of the dignified way they serve our clients and the sacrifices made on behalf of those clients. Our commitment to each of our employees is that we will strive to have a top workplace as a tangible appreciation for all they do. We will strive to steadily increase our sustainability, so they always have a dependable paycheck and bright future. Working side by side with our employees, we aim to advance our quality initiatives to be recognized as the STANDARD by which all home care providers are measured.



8205 Spain Rd. NE, Suite 211, Albuquerque, NM, 87109


Monday - Friday
8am - 5pm