Home Care versus Assisted Living

Choosing whether to live in an assisted living facility or nursing home versus at-home care is a decision that you might struggle with, whether the care is for you or your spouse, or for an aging parent.

Aging seniors may need increasing care with activities of daily life such as dressing, showering, and toileting, as well as meal preparation and light housekeeping. Group living facilities such as assisted living complexes and nursing homes may provide 24/7 care, meal solutions, and activities to keep residents engaged, but in 2020, we’ve also seen that viruses like Coronavirus or COVID-19 can spread wildly in group facilities.

Aging at home versus assisted living allows the senior adult to stay in their home while receiving additional care, according to their current need. In-home care is often less costly than assisted living or a long-term care center, while allowing one-on-one care, in a safer and more comfortable setting.

At FootPrints Home Care, we are taking many extra precautions to protect our senior home care clients from COVID-19, allowing them to live in their own home safely. We have also helped several elderly clients who have moved out of a group facility, into the home of an adult child, by providing in-home care that gives them more independence.

We regularly have our FootPrints home care aides take the CDC screening to evaluate any exposure they may have had to Coronavirus. If our caregivers are symptomatic, they take a covid test from their doctor or an at-home test. Staff are not required to wear gloves and mask unless requested by a client specifically. Staff are also required to answer a series of questions regarding COVID-19 exposure and COVID-19 symptoms before clocking in for a shift. Our sick leave policy allows our staff to stay home while being paid if they feel ill.

We carefully screen and train our home care aides to be compassionate caregivers. Because they spend time together frequently with their elderly client, they can also note any changes in how the client feels—is there a change in breathing or temperature, increasing fatigue or a cough?

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