New employees are frequently surprised at the emphasis we at FootPrints place upon developing the best place to work. Such a priority is foreign to the experience of many as jobs tend to be viewed as necessary evils. They’re what we have to do to support what we want to do. But we like to approach it differently. FootPrints employees, according to President & CEO Brian Fletcher, “deserve to work for an employer that appreciates their service” and at a place they love coming to daily.

The founders of FootPrints came together because they shared a common dream: to change the way business is perceived in the City of Albuquerque. The specifics of that dream were not known at the time, but they understood it could be fulfilled regardless of its form as long as they stuck to certain principles.

The perception of a business in part stems from the way it treats its employees. Our founders recognized this and built it into FootPrints’ vision. But they wanted to expand upon the notion that a high pay rate is all that makes a good job as there are many additional factors involved in a top workplace. Throughout ten years of business these factors have come to include:

Flexibility: FootPrints employees have the ability, within reason, to set the parameters of their schedule. Home care is an industry that provides service at all times of the day and thus has many opportunities beyond that of the standard 40 hour work week.

Benefits: Employment in the home care industry is generally not renowned for good benefits but FootPrints is the asterisk next to that assumption. Here, all full time care providers are eligible for industry leading benefits packages.

Care Focus: The mission of FootPrints has three parts: to be a blessing, to provide peace of mind, and to add value in all situations. To accomplish this, systems are continually developed and improved that allow field staff to focus on the part of the job they love: providing care.

Perks: From service time bonuses to Christmas party raffle drawings, our employees are eligible for a host of supplemental benefits. Our Hero and Star award programs reward high performing caregivers while our Winning at Work employee review process provides access to pay increases and new opportunities.

Best place to work badgesSince our founding we have been recognized on a number of occasions as a “Best Place to Work” and “Top Work Place” by third party rating agencies. While it’s always exciting to win an award, we are careful to recognize that it is only recognition of what we’ve done. Being a best place to work is not simply a box to check off a to do list; it is a continual process of reviewing and refining how we treat and show appreciation for the employees that make FootPrints Home Care a reality.

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