The last few months have been difficult as we’ve all learned to live with the impact of the Covid-19 virus. For seniors and those with underlying health conditions, it’s been even more important to be cautious about possible exposure.

However, it’s also vital for everyone, particularly the elderly, to be able to engage with others. Otherwise, the sense of isolation and loneliness can add to feelings of depression and impact overall well-being.

So, how can you stay engaged while staying at home? The easiest way is through your telephone. Whether you still have a traditional land line phone or use a smartphone with the ability for a video call, connecting to friends and family offers you a way to be connected to those you care about. Please don’t hesitate to make a phone call—chances are, you’ll brighten up the other person’s day, just as much as it brightens yours. And if you do use a smartphone, schedule Facetime visits with your family and share what’s happening—show the progress you’re making on a jigsaw puzzle or describe a childhood memory to your grandchildren and show them a photo from that time.

Other ways to stay engaged are to take on a simple act of creativity. Rearrange the flowers in an arrangement, change the pillows on your sofa, work on a crochet project, or try a new recipe.

Sharing with others is another way to stay engaged. Could you share a few flowers with a neighbor, write down memories for your family, or make a list of your antiques and heirlooms and how they came to be yours?

Music is another great way to stay engaged. Dig out your favorite albums or tune in to a favorite station! Music makes our brain respond differently than watching TV, and can provide comfort and peace of mind, as well.

If you have a home caregiver, ask questions about his or her life, and see what things you have in common. At FootPrints Home Care, we value being of service to seniors and those disabled by illness. It’s our highest honor to help care for you or your family member, to help you stay in the home you love. We serve the central New Mexico region, from Albuquerque and Belen, to Rio Rancho and the East Mountains, and the greater Santa Fe-Los Alamos area


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