If you’re looking for a home care service in the Albuquerque-Rio Rancho-Santa Fe region in central New Mexico, there are many options. In-home senior care can be provided by large national companies, locally owned companies, or even private individuals.

What are the differences between a corporately owned home care agency and a locally owned home care service? You’re probably familiar with the big-name national companies. Several of them run nationwide TV commercials that feature well-known actors or former TV news personalities. You may see their ads in national magazines or receive direct mail at your home. That type of marketing costs a lot of money which has to be factored into the rate they charge clients.

The services that match you (free of charge) to a home care company, assisted living facility or nursing home have very high fees paid by that business. That cost must also be factored into the rate they charge for home care.

Senior home care agencies that are locally owned almost always have less overhead and a smaller management structure. If you ever have a problem, you’re much more likely to be able to speak with top management or the home care agency owner than with a larger corporation.

At FootPrints Home Care, we believe that in-home care for seniors is about much more than helping with bathing, meal prep, and housekeeping. Our company has a history of employing caregivers passionate about helping people, caring for their emotional and physical needs. We’re also careful to screen our staff with background checks, something that a family may not be able to do if they hire an individual caregiver.

It’s our desire to find the most caring and compassionate staff, provide excellent training and hands-on care management that often sets local senior home health care agencies apart from the nationwide businesses. FootPrints offers no-cost home assessments so that we can match the right caregiver to each senior client. If we can help you and your family member, please give us a call.


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