With the holidays approaching, you might be starting your Christmas gift list. But what do you give an elderly parent or grandparent?

Many seniors might unwrap a holiday gift of bath salts or a new tie, and graciously say thank you. But what are gift ideas for seniors that they might need or truly enjoy?

First, we’d suggest asking your family member if there’s something they do need. Socks and underwear might not seem like a great gift, but for them, it may be a wonderful gift. Would a soft new towel set or a small footstool to have next to their easy chair be helpful?

If your aging parent or grandparent is still driving, perhaps he or she would appreciate having you take their car to be washed and vacuumed. And if they do not drive, an afternoon trip along a favorite route and a stop for a cup of coffee or a soft drink together, would be a lovely gift.

A gift doesn’t have to be a “thing”, it can also be a gift of your time or to help with a task they can no longer do. If your family member used to hang the neighborhood’s biggest display of holiday lights, he or she would perhaps love to have their doorway or nearby trees covered with lights they can enjoy. (Set up an automated timer to turn them on and off, and be sure to remove them after the holiday.)

Everyone loves to eat! Put together a small basket or gift bag with their favorite treats, things they might not purchase for themselves. Package servings of traditional holiday foods they can reheat. Or make it an occasion– mix up sugar cookie dough, then take a grandchild or two, a rolling pin, and cookie cutters to the senior’s home and make cookies together.

The holidays can also be a very sad time for some; recognize and acknowledge the passing of time and of people who were important parts of their life. Celebrating the season, even if there is some grief, is an important part of family life. At FootPrints Home Care, it is our mission to serve our communities, helping seniors and their families. If we can be of help to you, whether its short-term respite care during the holiday or ongoing home care, please let us know.


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