This may be a sensitive subject, but it’s an important one. When anyone passes away, whether at an elderly age or unexpectedly as a younger adult, the family must take care of many details. What bills need to be paid, where are the important documents, is there a safe deposit box and how is it accessed? Another important question today is, what are the passwords so that online accounts can be accessed?

Many families struggle with these tasks following the loss of someone. Having a preparation journal or binder with as much information as possible will help alleviate the frustration of dealing with these issues and allow more time for grieving. A journal will give you a place to write those important notes and gather the needed documents.

Actually, every home should have a preparation binder in case of emergency, so that valuable paperwork and information can be taken easily in case of a natural disaster or evacuation.

There are several websites like this one that offer checklists of information that should be recorded, as well as documents to include.

Passwords become a crucial piece of the puzzle. Some families set up a Google Drive, easily updated if passwords need to change, and shared with a trusted family member. Others, concerned about safety, avoid an online site, and choose to write a list on good old-fashioned paper. Just make sure that it is up to date, in a secure place, and that other family members know where that is and have access to it.

If your family member is paying a bill, or mentions something about their finances, an insurance policy, or final wishes, it’s an opportunity for a conversation about this sensitive topic. Those approaching the end of their life know time is limited, and most often want to make sure their affairs are in order.

The aging process is something that will affect us all. Preparation can help make it easier. As a home care company, at FootPrints, we serve families who need help at home. If we can be of help, whether that’s in-home senior care or information and referrals to a resource that you need, please contact us or give us a call.


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