Many aging adults lose mobility and lack the capability of partaking in activities they enjoyed in the past; however, this doesn’t mean they still can’t enjoy themselves. There are many ways the elderly can have fun, boost their mood, and stay engaged. Here are a few activities to help the elderly loved one in your life stay engaged, thanks to the team at Footprints Home Care in New Mexico.

  1. Reading: Reading is a great activity for older adults. It is a fun way to spend time and keeps the mind sharp and the brain engaged. Reading also improves memory, reduces stress, improves sleep, and delays cognitive decline. Reading can be done anywhere or at any time, which makes it the perfect activity for those with limited physical ability.
  2. Crafting: Many fun craft options exist for aging adults living at home and those in assisted living. Painting, knitting, jewelry making, and drawing are great ways for your loved one to get creative. Creative activities have also been shown to increase positive emotions and reduce stress and anxiety.
  3. Exercise: Even if the aging adult in your life isn’t very mobile, they can still attempt to move their body. Whether sitting or standing, they can still get the health and mood benefits from physical activity. For those with limited mobility, seated exercises are a great option. Check with his or her physician for recommendations.
  4. Games: Games and puzzles are a perfect source of enjoyment. These are activities that can be done alone or with someone else. Crossword puzzles and traditional puzzles are a great addition to a weekly routine. A puzzle is a great way to spend time and bond if you are visiting a special someone.
  5. Animals/Pet Therapy: Animals have a special way of bonding with seniors. If your elderly family member is an animal lover, spending time with pets and other animals could be a highly engaging activity for them. Research has shown that quality time with pets can help increase overall physical and mental health. Would they enjoy a parakeet to care for? Perhaps a visit from a family member’s pet would be enjoyable too.

As we age, finding activities to keep us engaged can be difficult at times. There are many simple ways to incorporate new activities into one’s daily life. At Footprints, we aim to keep your elderly loved ones happy and healthy, living at home as long as possible. Our team of skilled caregivers is always available to lend a helping hand with at-home care services.


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