Older adults may develop health concerns that require more care, yet they still want to remain in their own home. Sometimes there are no family members available to help, and an outside caregiver is  needed.

At FootPrints Home Care, we’re well equipped to help with round-the-clock care services for adults, either on respite services or full-time permanent care. Respite services are usually short-term while regular caregivers are out of town or when they need personal time for their own needs.

Our 24/7 home care provides the older adult with whatever services they need, outside of skilled nursing care. Bathing, dressing, toileting, assistance with transferring and all activities of daily living, as well as housekeeping, meal preparation, medication reminders, and companionship.

Companionship is an important part of 24/7 care, whether the senior adult is homebound or not. If he or she is able to leave the home, a FootPrints caregiver can take them to medical appointments or to enjoy a favorite restaurant or scenic drive. If he or she is not able or not comfortable in leaving their home, companionship is important in keeping cognitive function alive. Imagine going through a day with no one to talk to or having only the TV to provide any audio input!

Some long-term care insurance policies cover home care costs; some types of life insurance policies can also be drawn against for home care services. Often 24/7 care is provided in two 12-hour shifts, so there is a lot of continuity between caregivers. While 24/7 care is not inexpensive, it is typically less than the monthly cost of a nursing home.

All FootPrints caregivers have thorough background checks and training before being placed with a client. A private caregiver may not be as well vetted and if any issue occurs, there is no supervisor to speak with or a back-up plan to easily put in place.

If 24/7 care is needed, it may also be a consideration to look for an assisted living home. While the senior adult is no longer living in their home, they can choose a home like BeeHive Homes, which offers smaller, more intimate assisted living. The BeeHive Homes in AlbuquerqueSanta FeRio Rancho and Bernalillo usually have only 12 to 15 residents. Caregivers are available 24 hours a day. Assisted living homes are often an alternative before skilled care or a nursing home is needed.

We love being a resource to our community, so if you have questions about 24/7 care, respite care, senior home care or assisted living, we encourage you to contact FootPrints. Our mission is to serve the families of elders needing care.


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