You’ve noticed a change in your mom or dad. Perhaps after extensive research and with the help of our blog Signs it’s Time for In-Home Care, you’ve determined it’s time to call FootPrints Home Care. At FootPrints, we know no two clients’ needs are the same, that’s why our care plans are customized to what your family member needs. But with all of the flexibility that we offer, how can you determine just what exactly your loved one needs? Which services will benefit your mom or dad? When you contact us and request your free in-home assessment, we will help you and your loved one come up with a plan of action, a customized care package that fits your loved one’s lifestyle. Here are some of our tips for assessing your needs to help start the conversation:

A good place to start is to think about the reasons your mom or dad needs home care. In many cases, your family member doesn’t require around-the-clock care, just a little bit of assistance with specific tasks. Does your mom wake up repeatedly each night to go to the bathroom and you’re worried she might fall? Perhaps a FootPrints caregiver is needed at night to make sure that she is safe. Is your dad neglecting his personal hygiene? Maybe he only needs a FootPrints caregiver for a few hours in the morning to help him with his routine. Does your loved one have several medications they need to take and a forgetful memory? FootPrints caregivers that are specially trained in memory care may be needed.

Evaluating your senior’s most pressing needs is the best place to start. When one of our home health caregivers visits you for your in-home assessment, they will talk to you about all of the services we offer to help you determine if your mom or dad needs memory care, assistance with chores around the house, transportation to and from appointments and help with errands, or just someone to talk to and socialize with. At FootPrints, we know that your loved one’s happiness and safety are priority, that’s why we treat each client with the same compassion and dignity we’d show to our own family. So call us today at 505 828-3918.


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