Developing and maintaining fulfilling relationships is an important part of an individual’s overall well-being. In fact, people who have satisfying relationships often live longer, healthier lives. Unfortunately, many seniors that live alone do not get the social interaction that they need.

At FootPrints Home Care, your mom or dad’s health and emotional well-being is just as important to us as it is to you. Of course, nothing can replace the valuable time that you and your family spend with your loved one, but to help, we offer Companion Care services. Here’s a look at why staying social is so important to senior health, and how our Companion Care services can make a difference in your life!

As we age, our brains experience cognitive changes—we may experience difficulty in finding the word we need, in reasoning and problem solving, and in our ability to recall memories. Like other organs in the human body, the brain needs “exercise” or stimulation. If you were to not walk for an extended period of time, your legs would have trouble supporting your weight. Likewise, if you live alone and do not have someone to communicate with, someone to discuss the details of your daily tasks, your ability to communicate easily may begin to wane.

Companion Care services address the needs of elderly people for social interaction. Particularly for those who are home-bound, a Companion Care visitor can engage your loved one in conversations, ask questions about their life in order to help recall pleasant memories, play games or complete puzzles, watch movies, and other social interactions.

At FootPrints Home Care, our Companion Care services can be scheduled from just a few hours a week, to a few hours every day. We provide Companion Care services across the greater Albuquerque metro area, as well as the communities around Los Alamos and Santa Fe. Our carefully screened providers are matched to the elderly client, based on their likes, hobbies and backgrounds. For more information about these services and how they impact the well-being of an aging loved one, call us at FootPrints Home Care.


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