As we age, our bodies just don’t work the way they did when we were younger. And for some, pain becomes more and more of an issue in our daily lives. Just as a medical professional does, ask your elderly family member to learn to assess their pain level on a one to 10 scale. A response frequently toward the top of the scale should be a concern brought to their physician’s attention.

Pain can originate from many parts of the body; joints such as the hip or knee that have become arthritic can cause pain, as well as illnesses such as cancer. For some elderly adults, pain may be seen as just a part of life. But, if it’s frequent or ongoing, and if it interferes with daily living, it’s definitely something to talk with a physician about.

Sciatic pain that affects nerves in the hip, buttocks or leg can interfere with walking or sleeping, and cause a ripple effect in overall health. Arthritic fingers can not only hurt, but the swelling can interfere with fastening clothing, bringing a reluctance to leave the home.

Over-the-counter pain medications should be discussed with your physician, but also, if pain continues, another conversation with the doctor should be an important follow-up. Seniors living with ongoing or increasing pain levels is a difficult and confining issue that needs medical intervention.

At FootPrints Home Care, we get to know your family member as we serve in their home. Because of that, we also try to monitor pain levels so that we can bring it to the family’s attention. It is our mission to serve seniors and their families across central New Mexico. If we can be of help in keeping your parent or grandparent in their home, please let us know.


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