For many generations, staying home late in life meant having a live-in assistant. Today’s technology, however, gives your loved one more options to continue living independently at home. Here’s a quick look at some of the best options that, coupled with help from a FootPrints caregiver, can help keep your loved one home and safe:

Wearables with fall recognition: Life protection jewelry has come a long way in the past couple of decades. Bulky, conspicuous safety alert devices are a thing of the past. Modern life protection devices are stylish and include technology to detect a fall, recognize if the wearer doesn’t move within a period of time and automatically contact emergency services.

GPS tracking tags: If your loved one is suffering from dementia, you likely worry about whether she’s still safely at home, or out wandering. Well, you can rest easy, GPS trackers are now available in shoes, slippers, robes and other clothing to help keep track of seniors who may be prone to wandering.

Automatic medication dispensers: Our caregivers can help remind your loved one to take their medication, but if you aren’t opting for round-the-clock care, an automated medication dispenser might be a good solution. The device portions out the right medications in pre-packaged packets, beeps regularly until the meds are taken and calls a pre-programmed number if the pills aren’t taken.

Text-to-Speech: Were the noon pills supposed to be taken before eating or with food? A simple text-to-speech app on a smartphone reads out pill bottles, medical instructions and similar important information.

Remaining at home and independent is important to many seniors, and with the help of FootPrints Home Care Services and modern technology, you can keep your loved one home as long as possible. Please feel free to contact us today for details.


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