Soon, the start of a new school year will begin and families with children will begin the routine that naturally happens when school is in session. Education is a key part of all children’s lives and it becomes part of our foundational memories.

For senior adults, those memories of school and classmates may be some of their most vivid. Adults with dementia or Alzheimer’s will still often have clear memories of their teacher, their school, and the other children.

It’s an opportunity to ask questions of your senior family member, sparking their memories of school. Imagine how different their experience was compared to your children or grandchildren’s experience today! Gather a few family members, set up a camera to record the reminiscing, and enjoy some time together. Here are some questions to prompt school memories:

  • How did you get to school each day?
  • What teacher do you remember the most? Why?
  • Did you ever have to go to the Principal’s office?
  • Did you take your lunch? What do you remember about your favorite lunch?
  • What was your favorite subject?
  • Did you have a lot of homework?
  • Were there bullies? Who were the popular kids?
  • Did you have a lot of friends?
  • Did you have recess? What did you like to do?
  • Did you play sports? Music?
  • Did you go on any class trips?
  • What chores did you have to do after school was over?

Reminiscing offers seniors the opportunity to talk and share meaningful thoughts with their family. For the elderly with dementia, reminiscing has been found to help with cognition, quality of life, communication and mood. When caregivers participate in reminiscing, they have a deeper understanding of the senior and more compassion.

For seniors who need some help at home with the activities of daily living, light housekeeping or meal preparation, the FootPrints Home Care staff love reminiscing with our clients. Our at-home caregivers are matched with a client and develop a relationship. As they get to know each senior, asking questions about their life, career, hobbies and experiences makes for a caring companion. At FootPrints, our mission is to serve the elderly and their families across the Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and Santa Fe region. If we can offer support to your family, call for a free home assessment for senior home care.


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