Home Care 101

Home Care 101

As you or your loved one become more aware of a need for specialized care, there are a number of options at your disposal. We, as a home care provider, greatly believe in the effectiveness and comfort associated with our offering. But we also recognize, depending on your specific condition, other delivery methods may be more appropriate. The are four primary types of care:

  • Hospital Care

    Hospital Care

    Hospital Care involves the highest level of assistance. It is rarely a long term solution and is most effective for recovering from a severe injury or illness. It is also utilized as an end of life solution. Typically, individuals in need of this type of care have little choice—other options are infeasible.

  • Facility Care

    Facility Care

    Facility Care is a longer term solution for those requiring substantial assistance. It focuses on individuals in need of a similar level or type of care who dwell in a facility designed to fulfill that need. Trained medical professionals are present at all times while a number of other amenities are available.

  • Group Home Care

    Group Home Care

    Group Home Care is similar to facility care, though much smaller in scope. Generally, it occurs in a residential home equipped with minimal resources and a few licensed professionals on staff. Residents receive general care and assistance but little in the way of comfort or attention.

  • In-Home Care

    In-Home Care

    In-Home Care, the only option that does not require going somewhere else, allows individuals to remain in the comfortable environment of their homes while care professionals come directly to them. Participants are in control of their surroundings and the individuals that provide their care, which minimizes the distress accompanying a major life transition.

While certain cases require more specialized support, in-home care is a viable option no matter where you reside. Call us today and we will set up a free in-home assessment. Our trained staff will come to you, for a discussion on your needs and evaluation of your current situation and provide a care recommendation.

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