Nearly 33 percent of those over the age of 60 have trouble hearing. As one ages, hearing loss is often not preventable or reversible. A loved one who has trouble hearing could have a difficult time performing daily living tasks or even keeping themselves safe. Perhaps the most serious side effect, though, is the potential for losing connections with others, leading to social isolation and withdrawal. You can help your aging parent cope with their hearing loss with the following communication tips from FootPrints experienced home caregivers:

    • Reduce the background noise of television, rustling paper, or radio when talking.
    • Use a moderate rate of speech and articulate your words carefully, but not in an exaggerated manner.
    • Avoid shouting, instead speak slightly louder than normal. Shouting or speaking too close to your loved one’s ear can distort sounds and mask visual clues.
    • Make sure your loved one can see your face when you are speaking. Non-verbal clues are just as important as words, especially when someone has difficulty hearing. Turn to face your senior when speaking, make sure there is plenty of light and don’t cover your mouth.
    • Use shorter sentences with simpler words, gestures or written notes if your loved one doesn’t seem to understand what you’re saying.

Though hearing loss affects many people as they age, there are creative and effective ways to help your loved one cope. At Footprints, we’re here to help! Our friendly caregivers can provide companionship and help with daily activities for seniors with hearing loss. Contact us today for information about our customized senior care plans.


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