Summer Heat and Arthritis

on Friday, 23 June 2017.

Summer Heat and Arthritis

Summer Heat and Arthritis

If you’re caring for an aging family member, their comfort is likely top of mind. You want your loved one to be happy and comfortable, but now that the weather’s warming up, an issue for many seniors is arthritis. Hotter temperatures can aggravate arthritis and make summer unbearable! FootPrints Home Care provides these tips on how to deal with the heat:

Stay Hydrated: To keep joints healthy, staying hydrated is essential. While drinking lots of water may not cure arthritis or the associated pain that comes with it, drinking more water can help. Water helps keep blood volume in check, so that nutrients carried in your blood can penetrate your joints. So now that the weather is hotter, be especially mindful of your elderly loved one’s water intake. Our qualified caregivers can visit your aging parent and make sure they’re eating right and drinking enough water.

Wear loose, natural fibers. Loose, natural fiber clothes allow your skin to breathe and helps keep you cool. If your aging parent is uncomfortable in the heat of the summer, make sure they have appropriate clothing. FootPrints Home Care offers in-home companionship care, so when daily tasks like picking out clothing become too troublesome, we’re here to help.

Go swimming. If the doctor allows it, moderate exercise is beneficial for seniors, and what better way to stay cool this summer than to go for a swim? Swimming is a low impact cardio exercise, and the buoyancy of water relieves pressure on joints. The compassionate caregivers at FootPrints are happy to accompany your loved one when they want to get out and exercise.

While hotter temperatures can be difficult for someone suffering from arthritis, it doesn’t have to stop them from enjoying the summer! Contact FootPrints Home Care for help with caring for your loved one’s needs.

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