Assisted Living vs In-Home Care: A Cost Comparison

on Monday, 31 July 2017.

Assisted Living vs In-Home Care: A Cost Comparison

Assisted Living vs In-Home Care: A Cost Comparison

When your loved one requires care and assistance with daily activities, you no doubt want to look into all of your options to provide them with the best care. You may begin to look into assisted living, in-home care, and other options to find the highest quality care within your budget. At FootPrints In-Home Care, we pride ourselves on making superior care accessible and affordable. Here’s a cost comparison of our services in contrast with other care options.

Adult Daycare. Adult daycare provides an excellent opportunity for seniors to socialize and relax in a safe environment with the company of other seniors. Adult daycares provide meals, recreational activities and general health services. The cost of adult daycare can reach up to $136 a day. If extensive care is needed, this can cost up to $35,360 annually!

Assisted Living Facility. Assisted living is a long-term senior care option that works well for seniors that need 24/7 care and support services. Assisted living facilities offer supervision and security, meals, housekeeping, recreational activities, transportation, and health and exercise programs. Assisted Living Facilities charge their clients on a monthly basis, with fees sometimes reaching $6,000. That amounts to $72,000 a year!

In-Home Care. Hiring a home health aide or caregiver is a great choice for active seniors that want to maintain a measure of independence and remain on their own in their own home. Family members want to ensure that their loved one is safe and emotionally fulfilled. FootPrints In-Home Care would work with each individual family to craft a tailored care plan designed to fit the unique needs of the senior. The market rate for caregiver services can reach up to $28 hourly, but with FootPrints, you can expect to pay up to 50% less! Our services are flexible and we are always willing to work out a care plan that meets the budget needs of a client.

So when considering the cost of senior care services, be sure to choose an option that provides compassionate, one-on-one, individualized care for your loved one, at an affordable price. FootPrints offers free in-home assessments, so give us a call, or visit our website to learn more about our services.

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