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Written by Riley McKee on Friday, 20 February 2015.

Kitchen Safety for Seniors

Kitchen Safety for Seniors

The kitchen can best be understood as the heart of the home. It is oftentimes where memories begin and gatherings are fueled. It is utilized many times daily and fulfills some of our most basic needs. But it also poses many hazards—hazards that increase in prevalence with age. Hot surfaces, sharp knives, boiling water, and items just out of reach are accidents in waiting. And seniors, whether through negligence or inability, have a harder time managing them.

Written by Riley McKee on Wednesday, 18 February 2015.

3 Signs of Care Needs for Seniors

3 Indicators of Care Needs for Seniors

In our experience, most families start professional care for an elderly loved one because of an unexpected injury, illness, or medical condition that threates the safety of an independent lifestyle. Yet other factors are frequently overlooked. They are discreet, and often routine for a person of good health. But for seniors they can be an enormous challenge and signal a decline in abilities restricting the quality of their lives.

Written by Riley McKee on Friday, 06 February 2015.

Long Term Care Insurance for Home Care

Long Term Care Insurance for Home Care

The passage of time is accompanied by many positives: increased knowledge, greater wisdom, and a more complete perspective on life. Unfortunately, it also has its negatives. Of the most prevalent are declining physical abilities that make daily life a more burdensome task. Though not a joyful experience, recognizing the inevitable effects of age can inspire the right preparation—preparation for future needs that may include long term care.

Written by Riley McKee on Friday, 30 January 2015.

Private Caregivers: Good idea or risk?

Private Caregivers: Good idea or risk?

“Wouldn’t it be less expensive to hire a private caregiver?”

This, a valid question, is one that we are often asked during the initial inquiry phase. Having to pay for the care of a loved one is, at first, a foreign concept and many decision makers unconsciously default to seeking the lowest cost option. But for a service as personal as assisted living, additional factors should be considered.

Written by Riley McKee on Friday, 23 January 2015.

Best of Home Care 2015
Best of Home Care 2015

"Best of Home Care" 2015

FootPrints is happy to announce being awarded "Provider of Choice" by Home Care Pulse. 2015 marks our fourth consecutive year on the "Best of Home Care" list, a compilation of exemplary agencies across the United States and Canada. As one of only three from the State of New Mexico, we are proud that our mission to deliver the highest quality care has been recognized by a third party.

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